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Why Go with a Responsive Design Conversion?

Why Go with a Responsive Design Conversion?
December 2 2016

There are still many websites out there that have not adapted to a responsive design yet. However, they are still gathering a lot of customers and visitors. It won’t be long though that it will be difficult for their customers to access their site since most internet users these days are now using their smart mobile devices to access the internet. It would be troublesome if the layout of the website is not fitting to the view of the device that the person is using. In order to avoid this from happening to your own website, it is best that you go with a responsive design.

Quick Overview

One of the biggest advantages of responsive design is that even if you already have a website running, you only need to convert it to the said design. There is no need to make major changes at all.

There was business that never had a mobile website and witnessing that most people today are using mobile devices, it can affect user experience when the website is not optimized to be viewed properly on mobile devices. So don’t get surprised that even if you have a website, the number of users interacting with your website has gradually declined over the years. Poor user experience will have a huge impact on the revenue and the conversion rate. It will become clear to you that for the purpose of getting on with the current digital and consumer trends, you have to completely migrate into a responsive design.


In order for your website to become mobile-friendly, you have to choose between a dedicated mobile website or a responsive website design. Since this article talks about going for responsive design, you should go for that option. But even if you are presented with such choices, it is only understandable that you go for the responsive design option.

Just think about it – if you are going for the dedicated mobile design, the layout of your website is best viewed on mobile devices and not in any other, such as through PCs. Many websites choose responsive because no matter which device the user is using, the format and layout of the website will adapt to it and make it more organized. You have also noticed this, too, on many major websites. If you switch between devices, the website will adapt to it and it won’t even disarrange the way the content, images and its layout are organized.

The Main Aim of Redesign

There are three primary aims for changing to responsive design:

  • Boost up conversion rates
  • Increase the revenue generation
  • Improve customer experience on various devices, thus reducing its need for zooming in on products

Now that mobile friendliness is being promoted on various websites, not to mention it is one of the indicating factors that will affect the rankings on SERPs, it will make it better for you to decide on migrating to responsive design. It doesn’t take a long while to adapt the changes if you already have a website as long as you let the professionals do it.


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