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Why WordPress is the Preferred Website Development Platform?

Why WordPress is the Preferred Website Development Platform?
October 11 2017

Having a website is important for almost any company. Recognition is more efficiently facilitated and promoted with a website. That’s why sole entrepreneurs up till corporate entities own a professional web development service so they can have a website of their own. Another great advantage of having a website is the chance to achieve both local and global brand presence online. For this reason, many business owners hire a web development company to create a website that they can easily manage and update with content related to their services and products.

Among the various CMS choices used in professional web development these days, WordPress has been the most desirable by several variety of business owners and web development companies, and here are a few reasons why:

  1. WordPress Has an Established History

WordPress and professional web development go way back. Since this content management system was innovated in 2003, the world of web development has taken great strides and other content management tools have become obsolete. Till this day, WordPress is the most renowned blogging software in the world. Even non-blogging websites choose WordPress as their chosen platform.

  1. WordPress is a Self-Generated Content Management Software

Unlike other blogging platforms and software, WordPress may be a smarter choice, with self-generated and user-friendly content updating tools. Once you utilize WordPress for regular tasks, you don’t have to be an expert, coder or programmer in this web design. You are able to handle updating on your own with its convenient interface that allows you to edit every page in your website. WordPress promotes independence. As your chosen web development company undertakes your website development, you can experience a smooth transition to maintaining your new website.

  1. It is Supported on Wide Technologies

WordPress is based on PHP technology, which is utilized by over 75% of the websites these days. Along with this, WordPress also allows for more flexibility in terms of creating your own metadata, custom post types and taxonomies. This CMS provides customization ad additional features easily with the assistance of any PHP programmer.

  1. It is Easy and Portable

Hundreds of web hosts support WordPress and it’s a common technology requirement, so website owners can feel confident in finding a home for their new WordPress-driven site. Considering this portability, you can create possibly all the websites you need: from personal blogs, photoblogs, business websites, portfolios and more, using WordPress as your platform. Simply communicate your interest in WordPress support to your chosen web hosting company.

  1. WordPress is Customizable in Every Aspect

You can possibly extend your WordPress site with several plug-in software, personalizing your WordPress site to adapt your preferences easily. While it has default themes for you to choose from, it is possible to fully custom theme the website. An experienced web designer can help you turn your custom branded vision into compatible theme templates. Even plugins and forms can be customized with a unique design.

You can also do custom web design and development, find web hosting services and SEO marketing where WordPress is compatible. Search for web development companies you are comfortable to work with and have them do all your expectations through WordPress.

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