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PSD to HTML Conversion - Both are very powerful file types which, when combined, allow you to be completely free with your creative options. Photoshop is a very versatile piece of software, so it only makes sense that it has various design uses. However, the PSD format used isn’t supported by websites or browsers, so what can a website designer do to transform their fully designed PSD files into something that can be translated online? The answer, of course, is simple: by using our hassle-free tool, you can convert PSD files to HTML with ease.

We havebeen offering the best affordable PSD to HTML conversion services with fast turnaround times too. We also offer custom white label PSD to HTML solutions to web agencies and development companies who want to save time and money in this process. With our exceptionally talented team of developers we are ever ready to convert your PSD design into HTML/XHTML/HTML5 using CSS2.1 or CSS3 with client satisfaction and guarantee too. Our PSD to HTML responsive web development is developed through 100% ethically hand-coded, high quality and W3C validated markup. 

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So, when are creating projects in Photoshop and you know you’re going to convert it into a HTML file, what can you do to enhance the process? The most vital aspect is to control your layers. Our tool will effectively see different layers as new elements. This is one of the most powerful aspects of the PSD to HTML conversion process, but it does mean you need to be careful. For instance, different layers can be used to mark different elements, which is great for ensuring your design is translated exactly as intended. Yet, on the other hand, you need to ensure any complicated elements have their layers merged together, to ensure it comes across as one solid element in the final HTML. Of course, less layers also reduces the file space and quickens the conversion time.

Perhaps you are not aware of why HTML is important and why it is vital to use a service that can generate clean, streamlined HTML scripts. Short for HyperText Markup Language, this is the code that websites use to display their website. It marks (thus the “markup” part of the code) what are headers, footers, links and all the other interactive aspects. In short, a website without HTML would simply be static. Browsers read the HTML file on any given website to help represent it on the user’s screen. In other words, it’s vital to the user experience and functionality of your website.

In many ways, you can consider PSD and HTML to represent the front and back-end of the website, respectively. While Photoshop files can look amazing, they have no built-in functionality (and certainly not in a way that the internet understands). HTML, in opposition to this, is all about functionality but it is far from an ideal method of designing fantastic looking websites. Consequently, it is better to use both, building beautiful designs in PSD and letting our conversion tool offer the HTML file to match. Because this conversion process is vital, our tool takes the risk right out of your hands!

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