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What Are PSD and WordPress?


What is PSD? It stands for PhotoShop Document. .PSD is a layered photo file produced from Adobe PhotoShop. It can be converted into a .GIF, .JPG and other formats.


What is WordPress? It is a free and cheap (with premium purchase and upgrade) open source website creation tool. It offers easy customization and access to creators without a professional background in web development compared to a Custom CMS website. A variety of plugins and themes can be used as well. 28% of the entire internet population has WordPress-run websites and thousands of themes can be chosen for WordPress-powered sites. This is perfect for small businesses under different industries.

Why You Should Choose a WordPress Website?

  • WordPress has a big community of contributors that talks about important topics including WordPress development, to help those who want to know how to control their own site.
  • WP implements SEO on every blog published to allow posts to rank well in search engines.
  • Posts published are mobile-friendly, so that it will meet Google’s standards in having a responsive website.
  • Google highly recommends WordPress for small businesses.

Converting PSD to WordPress?

We gathered a team of professional web developers who are devoted in producing high quality online services. Acknowledging WordPress as one of the largest website platforms, led us to improve our services when it comes to PSD to WordPress conversion.

In producing a lucrative website, we make sure that it is pleasing to the eyes of the online visitors, and that it has a strong foundation – strictly focusing on little details for overall perfection. The codes we provide are those that worked in our previous work that led us to continue converting PSD to WordPress. follows current updates and trends to make sure our quality remains solid.

We also provide 24/7 customer service to ensure that the client will be promptly involved on the project. Open communication matters as it strengthens the relationship between the client and the web developer. Whether they are from Poland, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, the United States, France, Canada, Norway, or Australia. Our goal is to reach out to content creators in other parts of the globe to keep producing more projects.

We have more than 35 teams available to work with you anytime from any part of the world. We have completed projects from our previous clients and we are happy to say that there are over 700 projects that were successfully produced by us.

  • Team of Highly Skilled Professionals
  • Strong Foundation
  • High Pleasing Design
  • High Quality Service
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • 700 Projects Completed
The Wordpress Experience

Luckily, you can have a taste of what WP can do for you by starting a website for free. Although there is no commitment yet, you can already publish a content wherein you can customize meta data, tags, folders, categories and more.

When you purchase the premium experience that WordPress provides, you will notice that there are so many templates you can choose from. But these themes have already been purchased by other websites as well. It won’t be surprising to find another website with the same template as yours. In our agency, it will not be a problem.

Before, WordPress was prominent as a blogging site. But now, it is a home for large companies that uses WP sites for news portals, E-commerce or corporate advertising.

There are a lot of WordPress tools to use as well like the WP dashboard, editor, media library, custom navigation menus etc. They all add up to why WP keeps their platform strong and sufficient.

The Photoshop Experience

Just like WordPress, Adobe Photoshop is also famous in its category. This tool provides tons of advantages especially on website publishing. As you create a theme, you can also improve an image’s quality and polish it as many times as possible.

Altering faults and clearing obvious blemishes are now easy thanks to those Photoshop tools. This software extends web designing possibilities for anyone.

Photoshop is one of the most important business essentials. It can help you improve your online presence by producing high quality images and you can also use it offline. Printing companies create business cards and leaflets with the help of Photoshop. By mastering your Photoshop skills, you’d be promoting your company online and offline.

Although there are other editing software you can use, Photoshop is highly recommended when it comes to WordPress conversion.

What Are My Options?

Providing a photo document for your website can be a ton of work. The editing experience in Photoshop will require more effort from you, to convert it to WordPress successfully.

Two choices: You start today and finish it in hours – or days – or you can trust the developers in and see the work done quickly.

Choosing the right agency to work with, requires in-depth research to know that you will not be wasting your investments. Agencies with large service coverage are highly considerable. Agencies provide teams in every project to make sure that there are different opinions and not just one. This is helpful for clients who wish to seek professional advice.


How Do I Start?

1 Theme With PSD File

First, consider producing a lucrative theme with your .PSD file. Whether you are a small business or an organization trying to generate a pleasing website and receive more traffic, you need to be detailed as possible. People often judge a book by its cover. And if a site does not seem trusted, then chances are, online visitors would prefer a different site.

In most cases, the header will appear the same on every page. This creates a consistent feature that users feel comfortable with.

2 Color and Fonts

Be precise with the color and fonts that you choose. Will they meet the standards of your target audience? Consider producing analytics to help you decide on the features of your PSD. Investigate and research on what you can use instead of making silly mistakes that could waste your money and time.

3 Ideas and Creativity

Remember that creating your own format doesn’t just end in colors. It includes details you are very strict with: contrast, headers, footers etc. The clearer the detail is, the quicker it is done. It is about putting your ideas into life so be creative as possible.

4 Choose Open Source Platform

Then, choose the perfect open source platform if you don’t want to control a Custom CMS website. In this case, we suggest WordPress because it is easy to customize and learning how to control it won’t be such a hassle. By taking advantage of the free tutorials available online, you are good to go.

What Can We Do for You? Our Services?

WordPress CMS Development

Take advantage of what this prominent open-source platform can do for companies trying to generate a website for the first time. Developers have trusted WordPress ever since. It keeps on improving yearly, providing more themes and plugins for everyone to use.

Plugin Development

Plugins are one of the major components in WP. These packaged codes can outstretch WP’s core functionality. These plugins can be made from multiple files or just one main file with a formatted DocBlock in the header.

Several plugins came from ideas that were turned into codes to make them useful online. Plugin authors can bring new ideas to life, expanding the possibilities of what WordPress or even plugins alone can do.

If you have an idea on how you can improve the functionality of your website, then let us hear about it!

Theme or Template Design and Development

Although there are ready-made themes available for free and for purchase, managing your own theme is also possible. Be in control of how your site’s content should be displayed and allow it to be responsive. Responsive designs are beneficial for SEO, so try not to leave that advantage behind.

Theme Customization

Themes are not just about colors and presentation. It must also improve the quality of your site plus, it must attract potential clients. If customizing a theme will make that possible, then our in-house experts will make it happen for you.

WordPress Installation

Installing WordPress in a server might be too technical for some to handle. It is more than just downloading the latest versions of and uploading files. It needs to follow certain instructions to make sure nothing is left behind.

Maintenance Services

We provide many options on how to keep a WordPress website running. Ongoing maintenance is a smart move to keep your site up to date and for it to keep generating traffic that increases every month.

Perhaps the biggest mistake for some website owners is that, once they produce a high-quality page, they expect it to be that way forever. It never works that way, competition is tough. Let’s say you have made 5 figures this year. Ask yourself, how would I increase those numbers next year? The answer? By maintaining your website properly.

Our agency offers maintaining services that: Produces consistent income and maintains our relationship to our clients.


The Advantages of Recurring Revenue

One of the best things about SEO is that, you can earn from your investments. Through website maintenance, you can make sure that you are receiving enough traffic that you can benefit from. It is like spending most of your time working than selling. What kind of services should you be looking for?

  • Security
  • Updates
  • Backups



For your WordPress website’s security, doubling it is a must. Since WP has gained fame, it’s no surprise that hackers are targeting them. That’s the WordPress Company’s problem for now. Our goal is to double that security to be ready for such occasions. Our team has a WordPress security strategy built out of customer experience and previous works.


WordPress websites need these three to ensure the health of the site. WordPress updates usually make a big impact that should be followed by action. To keep our clients informed, we try our best to provide reports of updates.


We also don’t rely on host backups alone. Although they are already beneficial, securing another means there’s less risk. If the client asks for it, we will set back up schedules that will automatically run following a routine. A restore function is a must in our back up tools as well.

We also suggest that our clients will familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of WordPress Security. By learning the basics, it will be easier for us to explain why it’s important to use the WordPress two-factor authentication, specialized for admin logins.

Lastly, website owners can secure a recurring revenue by making sure they choose the right hosting. Right now, there are hundreds of companies offering free web hosting and paid web hosting. Still, only a few of them are trusted and only a few of them specialize in WordPress. The client can either choose to pay the host directly or they pass through us.

By installing a few important plugins and providing security, update and backups in your site, you can proceed to marketing swiftly.

Website Optimization

What is Web Optimization or Conversion Optimization? It is the process of systematically improving the performance of your site by allowing it to earn more sales and leads.

Site optimization can also be a useful method to ensure recurring revenue. You can optimize your site by:

Providing ideas and reviewing your analytics

Compare everything and determine what method is poorly done. You can collect feedback by providing a live chat support, feedback forms, speaking to customers personally, improving your customer service team, sending surveys through emails or through social media properly. If you are an online shop, make use of online polls, listen to the online community, and give prizes to consumers who have useful suggestions or do what most online sites does: provide a feedback form on the order confirmation page. Don’t hide your negative feedbacks because of shame, instead, use it professionally on your advantage. Disregarding them will only lead to more.

Set a list of priorities

Which action should be done first? Which result should initially come? When you are setting a list of priorities, make sure the first ones will have a bigger impact and benefit.

Test and analyze

You can test your website’s performance manually or just use Google Analytics. Find out if the optimizations played in your favor or only did you no good. Whatever the result may be, it’s an addition to your analytics and do’s and don’ts when you perform another optimization next time. Use the trial and error process on your benefit.

Make it happen

Now that you have gathered all the facts that are harmful and useful for your WordPress site, you can put it into action or speak to your service provider. Having a professional basis will decrease the chances of failure and repetition.

Keep up with what’s new

If the web development world changes day by day, your customers’ preferences will too. They might find another site that’s processing better than yours, then you must learn how to improve. Be part of the competition by instilling more useful information on your team.

Are Feedbacks Important?

It’s important to know if your effort in PSD to WordPress conversion and building your own business site is working. They may be successful at a certain time and a failure for some occasions. Online marketing does not immediately guarantee success. But through your audience and their feedback, your business can be guided using your client’s suggestions.

Collecting online reviews is important to build an online reputation. It increases the company’s awareness on their system and their products, which is changeable to profit in the long run.

1 Beneficial of Company

First, the accumulation of feedback can be a source of outside opinion. Opinions in the office or in the company can be biased since their point-of-view mostly focuses on what they see and do inside. Using these feedbacks and applying them into the system (trial and error) can boost sales. It’s giving the customers what they are paying for, knowing that they will come back in the future. Additionally, their satisfaction towards your company will result to word of mouth recommendations that’s beneficial for the company.

2 Flaws into Success

Second, flaws can be converted into success. There are two types of unsatisfied customers: those who provide feedback and those who do not. Losing those who aren’t willing to come back can already have an impact in the business. But providing better service by understanding that first type of customer keeps one. Losing one is better and keeping one is better than losing two. It is also where a business owner can learn from their mistakes.

3 Online Ranking

Third, it helps with online rankings. The feedback is a good sign under search engine algorithms. The more positivity written, the more Google, Yahoo! and Bing will think that your business is legitimate. Your ranking will climb as your reputation builds.

4 Familiar Name in the Market

Fourth, you are letting your customers market for you. Not directly though. Those comments and feedback, they increase your site’s keyword content. With more reviews, comes a steady influx of SEO necessities. Your brand will soon become a familiar name in the market.

5 Activeness

Lastly, it creates consumer engagement. Your brand continues to have loyal consumers as they build a community where they can speak about your services and products. Some consumers go far by reading some reviews and providing comments on your company’s behalf. That kind of commotion in the feedback section (or comment section) in your site, creates a noise of activeness that keeps your site alive. It is also a good place for businessmen to know the consumers who made their business successful.

What Makes Our Services Special

  1. High Quality Services
  2. Improve the Caliber
  3. SEO Friendly
  4. Ready-to-Sign NDA

We do not function on converting PSD to WordPress alone because doing so means limiting possibilities. It must involve mobile-friendly designing, high quality pixels, Search Engine Optimization, cross browser compatibility, and WordPress validation.

A responsive design has become a major requirement for SEO. And SEO becomes more challenging with the algorithm updates that happens from time to time. Combining two powerful tools can improve the caliber of your website.

WordPress already provides SEO in the first published content of a site. From that, we implement a series of powerful methods to reinforce additional help in reaching the topmost pages of a search engine site.

PSDtoHTMLconverter also values the rights of our clients. The PSD file you provided is your intellectual property. Which is why before we start with our projects, we provide a ready-to-sign NDA, noting that we will not use any of your design as a reference unless you allow us to.

Advantages of a Nondisclosure Agreement

This confidentiality agreement is important to protect our client’s intellectual property. When two parties have signed, they should both acknowledge that the information exchanged will not reach a third party as a part of their legal agreement.

PSDtoHTMLconverter is one of the few agencies that offer a ready to sign NDA because we prioritize pleasing more customers, rather than getting stuck in a legal issue. It is critical that our client understands the terms of the said agreement and vice versa. Not every NDAs are the same but it suggests a list of agreement that can be followed until the last day of transaction. Which means the process will run smoothly with the promise of providing the best results.

How Can You Help As a Client?

Clients also have a role to play aside from relaying their ideas. And it is the understanding that web developing is not magic. It requires dedication and concentration to avoid mistakes that can harm the quality of the finished product.

Be Very Specific

As you are the one who will provide us instructions, be detailed as possible. Avoid vague directives as it can delay the process. Some clients prefer to be comprehensive and some do not. There’s nothing wrong with being detailed, it only shows that you have been preparing a concise instruction to make things happen.

But if you prefer to be assisted by our web developers and receive professional opinion, we are open to such communication as well. We can provide suggestions that can work for your target audience and geographical location.

If you wish to have the service done in a nick of time, then we suggest our clients to develop their knowledge in PSD to WordPress conversion.

We Love Coding but It’s Not Always Simple

The job is not easy. But we offer it a cheap price because we prefer to please more clients than limiting our experiences that will not help in improving our skills. We collect experiences to provide better services when the next client arrives or if the same client returns.

We follow a pattern to create the safest and strongest site. But these patterns will not be the same if we add the requests of clients plus the seasonal changes in web development, Search Engine Optimization, PPC and such. If both parties understand the nature of PSD to HTML conversion, then the process will be easier.

We Love Working with Practical and Creative Clients

These two adjectives work well together. With the growing internet population and tools, it almost seems like the possibilities are endless. Fortunately, in 2017, there is still more to create and discover. Together with our client’s ideas, we can make new things happen if they have the basis while we make use of our skills.

Our conversion agency is happy to inform you that we can start generating a small business website anytime. Equipping ourselves with the right tools, information, and attitude means we are on the right track.

Advantages of Working with An Agency Like Us

Save Time & Money
Web Experts
Quality Code
Meet Deadlines

Our clients usually consist of content writers, solo practitioners, small and large business owners, etc. They prefer to leave the technical online work to us to make sure that their business keeps on going. Investing in an agency like us for PSD to WordPress conversion and other services, means your time will not be accounted for and you can still focus on the job in front of you.

You build your business while we build your online presence. We provide services made by actual humans gifted with in-depth knowledge when it comes to web development. Synchronizing your business with your website requires more people. Instead of missing deadlines due to web organization, agencies like us make sure that you can use your time properly.

You don’t have to pay us a lot, our agency is focused on providing low cost services that will not affect the quality of the site.

Why You Should Choose WordPress?

Although WordPress was initially known as a blogging tool, it is now one of the most preferred open-source platform for small businesses. The platform has improved their management systems offering thousands of plugins and themes.

It’s Easy and Free

The WordPress platform allows the user to gain experience in manipulating their WP site, without the need to pay a cent. Editing and customizing the site will be free. Downloading and installing it can be done anytime.

Has Improved Its Security

WordPress did not succeed by allowing hackers to easily control major WP-made pages, they remain as one of the prominent platforms out there, by making sure previous mistakes do not occur again. In the past, there were some instances that WP have had security scares. Those were the times when WP was still in the process of booming. But knowing they have survived such security scares, means their platform is savable from any kind of breach.

Most Hosting Plans Are WordPress-Oriented

Whether it’s shared hosting, virtual private servers, cloud hosting or dedicated servers (the four main types of WP hosting plans) these hosting plans are aware of the WP mania. Entrepreneurs highly consider the WordPress platform as a place where they can start building their online presence. And when things are doing well, they proceed to choosing the right hosts. With WP, it will not be that hard to sign up for hosting. When it comes to picking a host, WordPress recommends Kinsta, WP Engine, A2 Hosting, HostGator, InMotion Hosting etc.

Supports a Growing Community

The ultimate goal for small businesses is to gain viewers and visits. With the WordPress community, you can interact with thousands of experts and curious minds who can work with you, answer your questions, be interested in your product or services and so on. Most of them also take advantage of their sites, so if something bothers you on WordPress when it comes to technicality, you can join forums or read blogs about it.

WordPress and Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an important variable in online marketing, WordPress knows that very well. In fact, a blog published is already SEO optimized by default. This free plugin can also go at great ends. To boost your ranking further, use the WordPress SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner and Yoast SEO since they are free. If you prefer high quality tools, you can purchase them online easily.

Responsive Designs

In 2017, unresponsive designs will have major difficulties when it comes to improving their online presence. WP provides free themes and premium themes that already offer mobile-friendly designs.

Here at, we build businesses focused of WordPress Development at a low price. Our services are perfect for those who plan to extend the limitations of their site responsiveness and other features.

Here at, we build businesses focused of WordPress Development at a low price. Our services are perfect for those who plan to extend the limitations of their site responsiveness and other features.

What Can We Do for You? Our Services?


Mobile compatibility is not optional anymore. The themes you’ll find are so competitive that they make sure it suits any website whether it is for a blog or for business.

It all depends if your theme complements the identity and the content of your site. Blogging sites need a design that’s easy to read and small business sites need a theme that’s easy to access.


Purchase or build themes that are not heavy to download. Through this, we can speed up the loading process of your WordPress site.


There are several browsers available online: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Explorer, and such. One successful comparison does not immediately mean it is the same to every browser. Select a theme that has been tested rigorously by developers.


Choose a theme that supports popular plugins and important plugins for the kind of site you are running. If it is not mentioned in their description, communicate with the developer.


Applying this feature can be optional yet still beneficial. Some local sites only function by providing services to local customers. Skipping this process is understandable, unless a foreign person is looking for your services in your area. There are so many benefits of having a multilingual site, it just depends if it is a priority or not.


If you have tried the free themes on WordPress, you’d notice that most of them have no guaranteed support. In purchasing a theme, it still depends. Always go for the kind of service that provides customer support to ensure that when something goes wrong, your questions can be answered.


Customer Service 24/7

We mentioned about working with clients from different parts of the globe. In which a 24/7 customer service is a must to benefit us and the client. Time difference and location – these are easy to adjust to because of the World Wide Web. We make sure that our services will not be delayed due to such circumstances. Whether you are from Poland or Australia, our customer service will make sure that your questions will be answered directly by us.

We build our reputation by working with a lot of satisfied customers and by making sure our lines are open all the time. All because geographical flexibility is an important factor in the online business.

Our company covers a lot of online services including:

  • Although the process is quite different from PSD to WordPress, our PSD to HTML Conversion is also guaranteed affordable. We can adjust your package depending on your budget, by keeping the quality intact using 100% coded markup.
  • Your PSD file can go to places as it can be converted to Bootstrap. If you are building a site designed for mobile or apps, choose bootstrap because it is a popular front-end development framework.
  • If a PSD file won’t suffice, sketch designs will still work for HTML. Now that sketch designs are flexible for the web, you leave the conversion to us.

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