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When it comes to making the most out of your web presence, you need to meet the demands of today’s users. Your audience likely browses on a variety of different platforms, so a responsive design is essential.

Yet this is something many older or more traditional websites simply lack. If this is the case, then you don’t need to scrap your entire site. Our responsive design conversion can take your existing architecture and transform it into something more suitable and adapted to today’s busy, mobile environment.

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Responsive design refers to websites that adapt (or, ‘respond’) to the user’s behaviour. More specifically, it adapts to the nature of the device being used. There is a big difference, for example, between desktop computers and mobile phones. What works for the former is too big for the latter. Dedicated mobile sites, on the other hand, offer little for desktop users.

Of course, in the middle of all this are tablets and other differently-sized devices. In the past, many people would have co-existing mobile and desktop websites but today’s market is simply too diverse. Responsive web design solves this by adapting the website and its various elements to fit the screen size and platform in question. This also considers additional factors, such as the orientation of the device, to ensure the best experience each and every time.

Under the hood, of course, responsive design conversion is a little more complex. Such a design can be implemented using the likes of CSS (Cascade Style Sheets), in addition to various grids and flexible layout formats. Yet, perhaps most importantly, this needs to be done correctly, which is why it is best to use our responsive design conversion tools.

On the wrong device, a website can look horrible. When images are not to the right proportion and elements overlap, are too large or can’t even be displayed at all, users quickly lose interest. An ill-fitted design can ruin your navigation, functionality and, ultimately success.

Likewise, you also need to keep up with your competitors. If your rivals have a responsive design and you do not, they will instantly appeal to customers that have devices your existing website isn’t able to support.

Responsive design is a dynamic solution that ensures every customer is welcome. No matter what device they have, a responsive website can offer something that makes the most of their screen size, resolution and orientation. In short, it’s another vital step in offering the customer experience today’s audience expects without question.

As mentioned earlier, our handy responsive design tool can convert existing websites into the adaptable websites that your customers appreciate and expect. This is a much less expensive or resource-intensive option than rebuilding the website from scratch, as it ensures your existing hard work doesn’t go to waste.

So, do you want people to be able to browse your website from any device? Start using our conversion services!

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