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Coverage PSD to HTML Italy

One of Italy’s leading online websites (excluding social media sites) is La It’s a news site created to spread the word on what’s happening mainly in the country. It covers a variety of subjects, encouraging the Italian web users to keep coming back.

Most social media creators are aiming to do the same but with a different purpose. If you’re one of them - this where you start.

Contenuto Unico (Unique Content)

It may not seem like it but there’s competition everywhere online. From contents, SEO, virtuality and so on. Which is why creating and sustaining something on the web is not easy. It requires lots of work. But if that “something” is an idea that most people did not come up with, then maybe it’s worth the shot.

Disegno virtuale (Virtual drawing/design)

People are easy to convince when an idea pleases both their eyes and minds. A good start is to practice the use of PhotoShop to compose that concept to a PhotoShop Document (PSD). For beginners, this may involve self-educating to create a better design. It’s easier to start with a non-confusing interpretation to make it easy for future visitors to control the site.

And if you can use PhotoShop, gather the websites who can offer Sketch to HTML conversion.

Chiedere aiuto (Consider help!)

If you were born with perfect IT skills then you might just quickly finish the job. Because in this part, we need to use the PSDs and convert them to HyperText Markup Language (HTML). It’s clever to consider professional help, especially towards conversion sites.

There are quite a few companies that offer cheap PSD to HTML conversion out there. Perform a research and list down at least 7 converting companies.  Compare prices, services, quality, and availability. If you can’t find one from your country, choose the site that offers 24/7 communication for your project requirements.

Preparare i dettagli (Details, details, details!)

After narrowing down the list of trusted sites to one, you present all your ideas clearly. If the project is expected to be done ASAP, then it would be fair for the creator to convey the exact text to be used, headers, footers, color, theme etc. to the developer. Communicate early with the developer if you’re looking for more ideas. That way, there’s more room for improvement and polishing.

Convalida (Validation)

Speaking of polishing, we validate. W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) validation is offered by most PSD to HTML conversion websites. W3C validation is a must for online visitors to get a good use of the site. It also improves search engine rankings, making it easy to improve the site’s visiting numbers.

Creating a website may not be as easy as it seems but for site creators, it matters when there’s room given for improvement. Every requirement, steps and professional help won’t work if the site doesn’t meet its purpose.

Unfortunately, the struggle won’t end there as the site would require continuous updates - remember Facebook? - exactly! But to have a trusted company to work with guarantees a smoother transition to success.

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