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“I want to get my PhotoShop Document online to create a website and see how it works - But I don’t know how to put it into codes.”

Unfortunately, not everyone does, but a lot can. And yes, you do have to start with hands-on photoshopping (or sketching!). You’ve got your idea, now it’s time to put it on the web.

What’s great is, most Russians are online users, guaranteeing that if they are your audience, you can count on them after you appeal them with your site. If you look closely, you’d notice that these Russian sites are not built out of random, they have made their own theme and purpose. One of the most popular sites is easy to use, which is why aside from image, it must be accessible to both PC and smartphone users.

“How do I convert PSD to HTML?”

There is step by step guides published around the web to help you get started. But it’s a misconception to think that it’s as easy as uploading pictures and typing text. (Unless you’re a professional who has done this a couple of times, then you’re good to go.) If you’re aiming to do the job yourself, remember, “Patience is a virtue.”

Converting your own PSD to HTML might be more laborious. If you’re willing enough, you can get a hold of some close friends and find a developer who is willing to work with you.

“How do I find a company who can convert PSD to HTML?”

You perform your online research - it basically starts with the creator browsing for sites, comparing prices, evaluating reviews and country accessibility. Some websites are built only for its own countries. There are times when the cause of delay for every project is miscommunication due to such issues.

What you need to consider is the location and assurance that the company can work with you 24/7 and it must offer the best PSD to HTML responsive conversion services across the world. This way, it’s easy to collaborate whether you’re from the north or south.

Website creators often generate their website images with PhotoShop because it’s what’s mostly available. It is built from ideas and your own perception. So when you communicate with a developer, you must be concise with the details, understand at least the most basic of codes - to have a shorter discussion - and avoid ambiguous details (unless it’s not what you instructed, you must clarify it to the developer) to elude delay.  

Nowadays, it’s easy to hire freelancers to get the job done. What’s tricky is how you get to choose who’s reliable and not. The easiest way to get your PSD-to-HTML conversion finished is through conversion sites. They could offer high-quality conversion with a constant communication to apply accuracy on the finished product. And if you’re not familiar with PhotoShop, you can still find websites that can turn your sketches into HTML. This is an advantage for most people who are not familiar with utilizing PhotoShop - which means worrying is not essential.

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