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If you have a Sketch Design, then get it converted to HTML website at the best price on the web. The usage of sketch design has gained momentum around the globe, therefore we began offering low-cost Sketch to HTML, Sketch to HTML5 and Sketch to Responsive website services to our customers around the world.

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For many designers, Sketch is a program that is highly appreciated and often favored as much as Photoshop. Yet, like many design tools, it has its drawbacks. When it comes to using Sketch to design websites, apps, and other online features, you need to understand HTML. If you want to ensure the best quality, however, you should use our Sketch to HTML service.

Not sure where to start? Let us walk you through the basics of both Sketch and HTML, as well as a few tips on making the most of our converter

Do you want to convert your Sketch designs to HTML? If so then you should consider a conversion tool that can make the process as efficient as possible. If you already have a Sketch Design then it’s important to pick the best tool for converting it to your HTML website.

Why Use Sketch?

Sketch has grown in popularity around the world. It’s a graphics editor that was built by a Dutch company for Apple’s macOS operating system. Sketch’s first release was in September 2012 and a few years later won an Apple Design Award. The company’s developer Bohemian Coding announced in June 2016 that the company would be changing its licensing system so users could get updates for one year. Then before the licensed expired they could use the last version the company published. They also had the option to renew the license so they could keep getting updates for one more year.

Here are some of the main benefits of Sketch:

1. More Versions

Another benefit of Sketch is the company responds to its users and also responds quickly. This is a criticism of the developers of similar software so it’s certainly a key feature to keep in mind when considering Sketch. The company also releases new versions of its app much faster than other companies like Adobe. There are various ways to contact the company like email, Facebook, and Twitter.

2. Color Panel

This is one of the key features and helps to makes it much easier to use color consistency when making designs.  It provides a benefit because you don’t have to click on a layer in order to switch to another color. While you’re working there are fill/border attributes located on the side window. This allows you to use the brand colors consistently, which is a major plus.

There’s a Sketch plugin that allows you to switch between fill/border color. There are also other plugins to clear fill a shape’s color and fill the artboard's whole background. There are also effects on the side panel including shadow attributes. The main benefit is you can get everything from the same panel, which is more convenient than other options like PhotoShop.

There’s also the Shared Styles dropdown where you can pick any style for a shape. This lets particular shapes be consistent during the entire design process. If you change to use a shard style to change shape it will affect all shapes that have that particular style on any page/artboard in a Sketch document.

3. Plugins

It’s also easier to write plugins using Sketch. This improves productivity/experience in design. It’s based on a scripting language used for Mac OS X and is built on JavaScript. There are many plugins available including ones to create style guides, generate content, and batch-rename layers. This provides you with more options.

4. UI Templates

This makes it very easy to start a new project. The ready-made UI elements make it a cinch to start iPhone apps. You can also open a brand new responsive web design (RWD) template that includes pre-defined web elements and Artboards.

5. Background Blur

If you want to create a blurred BG it’s much easier with Sketch than other options like PhotoShop. All you have to do is to create a rectangle shape then give it the effect of background blur. It blurs the background of what’s behind it.

6. Export Slices

Another benefit of Sketch is it supports exporting to various file formats including JPG and others. In fact, the support is quite excellent and allows you to export complex shapes in seconds. All that’s required is to click the Make Exportable button then export it in one second. You can also use a slices tool to export a particular area surrounding a shape.

7. Text Styles

The text styles are so light in Sketch and work quite effectively. Let’s say you’re working with some next. In that se the Shared Styles dropdown menu switches to a Text Style panel. That makes it easier to manage everything and paragraph texts. In the case you change the styled word the other characters in the document with that particular text style will also change. This makes everything very consistent.

8. Color Picker

This helps you to use a very exact process to select the right color. You’ll only one ctrl+c from selecting the particular color you wanted. When creating a design there are several factors but one of the most critical ones is the colors you pick. Sketch makes it much easier to pick the right color at the right time.

9. Symbols for UI

In Sketch, there’s a big library of different symbols. It can be used for icons, user interface (UI) elements, and others. You can organize your symbols by putting th4em in folders. This is definitely one of the main features of Sketch that makes it an excellent option for designing a website.

Benefits of HTML

So you might be wondering with all the benefits of Sketch why should you consider converting your Sketch files to HTML? There are actually several benefits of this format including the following ones:

1. HTML support

The majority of development tools provide HTML support. That includes programming tools like FrontPage. In fact, it’s worth noting that there are more web development tools that support HTML than all other programming languages. This is definitely worth noting when designing/development websites.

2. Browser support

A major benefit of MTL is nearly all browsers support it. What’s important to note is that HTML is supported by more browsers than any other program language for web design. So when you see a site that uses HTML it would appear in the majority of web browsers used throughout the world. The keys is for the designer to optimize the Internet site for the most popular browsers. In fact, it’s quite easy and simple to optimize a website that’s HTML-based for browser compatibility.

3. HTML is 100% free

This is a major benefit of HTML over other languages. There’s no need for software or plugins. This can help to greatly reduce the costs of web development. How about content management systems that are open-source? The main issue is the required plugins aren’t always free.

4. Search engine-friendly

Another key benefit of HTML is it’s the most search engine-friendly web programming language. It’s much easier than other languages to build websites that comply with search engine optimization (SEO). If you use HTML you’ll have fewer SEO problems and more flexibility when building a website that’s SEO compliant.

The key is to make sure your website’s code is clean/validated. If you do that then the site will be easy for search engine crawlers to read/access. That helps to make crawling more efficient and also reduces load times. That can help your site to perform better in the search result of search engines like Google and Yahoo.

5. Easy to Use/Understand

This is one of the main benefits of HTML over other options. Just about everyone who works with web development knows HTML. This includes ones who work as a freelancer or in a big agency. What if you need to hire an outside web design company to make changes/updates to a website? It can be quite easy to find a solution that’s effective/affordable and can provide you with the changes needed for your website. 

6. Similar to XML syntax

Here’s another major benefit of HTML. XML is becoming much more popular for data storage. The syntax for HTML/XML is very similar. As a result, it’s much easier working between these two platforms. This is definitely a plus since websites and data are closely connected today. As a result, it’s definitely a plus that HTML and XML have a very similar syntax.

7. It’s a stand-alone language

In many situations you only need HTML. The key is to determine what you hope the website will do. There are various options like focusing on news or company info. In many situations, you just need HTML for building your website so it’s much more convenient than other options.

In fact, HTML can provide the look and feel of websites that often require more complex tech. Your company might learn that it’s more practical to use HTML to build websites instead of other more complex tools.

What to Look for in Conversion Tool Developers

When picking Sketch to HTML conversion tools there are many options. The key is to find the right tool and company that can provide you with the best experience. There are many options so it’s important to sift through them in order to find the right conversion tool for your particular needs. Here are some of the key features to look for:

1. Support

When picking a company offering a Sketch-HTML conversion tool it’s always helpful when it’s supported by quality staff. This includes features like passion, talent, and experience. These features will help to provide a better overall experience if you have any questions or concerns. In that case, it’s important for the issues to be dealt with as effectively as possible. That, in turn, will provide you with the best experience possible when designing your website with HTML.

2. Mobile-friendly

This is one of the most critical features of today’s websites. It’s been especially important since 2015 when Google started giving priority to websites the responsive web design (RWD). Since then it’s been quite important for web design to provide the same experience for users who are using a PC/Mac for smartphone/tablet.

3. Services

When picking a company offering a Sketch-HTML tool it’s important to consider the services the company offers. This will help you to find other tools you might need for building websites. In some cases, HTML is just about all you need to build a quality website. However, if you’re looking for other tools it’s a plus when you can get them from the same company. It will save you a lot of time and effort. Developing a website can be a complex process so it’s best when you can get all your tools from one source.

4. Interaction

When picking a company offering a Sketch-HTML conversion tool make sure the company interacts effectively with its customers. For example, does it respond relatively quickly to queries from customers? This is critical when you’re building a website since there might be issues related to your conversion of Sketch to HTML files.

5. Affordability

Look for conversion tools that aren’t just fast and effective but also affordable. In fact, some companies focus on it more than others so if you’re on a shoestring budget you should definitely look for companies that focus on providing their customers with the most affordable tools possible.

6. Know-how

Look for companies that have expensive experience working with the Sketch platform and various languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This will help to provide you with the best experience possible as you convert your Sketch files to HTML. The more experience the company has the better it will be able to provide you with the best service possible. 

7. Experience

This involves the company itself. It’s always helpful if the company has been in business for several years instead of picking a startup. This will help to provide you with a better experience since the company will have experience working with customers and providing them with the best products/service to designing and developing websites.

Final Thoughts

The final question is whether or not you should convert Sketch files to HTML. There’s no doubt that Sketch provides several major benefits in the design process. In fact, it can provide several advantages over other options like PhotoShop. However, you should also consider converting your Sketch files to HTML when building a website to make the process of web design faster and smoother.

When selecting a conversion tool and developer it’s important to shop around. This will help you pick the right product/company for your company’s needs. This is a critical part of the process so you can avoid a lot of potential pitfalls of picking the “wrong” tool for your company.

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Sketch is a vector design service praised for its high usability. Of course, with vectors, it’s main purpose is to provide free-form graphics and aesthetic features. Unlike raster graphics, vectors can be shaped seamlessly into different sizes. Because of this, it’s a great tool for working on various projects, as the vector graphics can adapt on the fly. This, of course, makes Sketch great for design work and it’s no wonder, then, that many app and website designers turn to Sketch to finalize their designs. The problem with Sketch, as with Photoshop’s PSD files, is that the resulting work isn’t suitable for the web. Provided you can convert the files right, PSD can go a great way to changing this. Of course, our tool is designed to make this even easier for you, as we do all the hard work!

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and, in short, it is the most common code encountered online. It is used heavily in web design and it forms the basic language that your web browsers reads. As such, getting your Sketch files into a HTML format is vital, if you wish to use or integrate them online in any fashion. So, why is HTML important? Among other aspects, HTML offers marks and tags, helping to identify various headers, footers, tables and elements. This is where the basic interactive user experience begins to appear in any website design, so it’s important all of your files work in harmony with HTML. Sketch does not do this straight away, which is why you need a HTML conversion tool to re-purpose them into HTML files that are ready to go. This process is fairly easy, as we do all the hard work for you, but transforms your fantastic designs and projects into a more web-friendly language.

One of the key benefits of our service is the pixel quality that we ensure. As mentioned earlier, Sketch uses vector graphics, but this can cause problems when converting into HTML. Our process looks to acquire the highest pixel range possible, ensuring sharp imaging throughout. Likewise, we also offer efficient HTML code. We try to simplify tags and markups where possible, ensuring the final script is light and easy to use. This keeps the file size low and ensures your HTML files can be readily uploaded and used. So, ready to start? Get your Sketch files ready and prepare to receive HTML coding that can get your project online and read to use!

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