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For many designers, Sketch is a program that is highly appreciated and often favoured as much as Photoshop. Yet, like many design tools, it has its drawbacks. When it comes to using Sketch to design websites, apps and other online features, you need to understand HTML. If you want to ensure the best quality, however, you should use our Sketch to HTML service.

Not sure where to start? Let us walk you through the basics of both Sketch and HTML, as well as a few tips on making the most of our converter

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Sketch is a vector design service praised for its high usability. Of course, with vectors, it’s main purpose is to provide free-form graphics and aesthetic features. Unlike raster graphics, vectors can be shaped seamlessly into different sizes. Because of this, it’s a great tool for working on various projects, as the vector graphics can adapt on the fly.

This, of course, makes Sketch great for design work and it’s no wonder, then, that many app and website designers turn to Sketch to finalise their designs. The problem with Sketch, as with Photoshop’s PSD files, is that the resulting work isn’t suitable for the web.

Provided you can convert the files right, PSD can go a great way to changing this. Of course, our tool is designed to make this even easier for you, as we do all the hard work!

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and, in short, it is the most common code encountered online. It is used heavily in web design and it forms the basic language that your web browsers reads. As such, getting your Sketch files into a HTML format is vital, if you wish to use or integrate them online in any fashion.

So, why is HTML important? Among other aspects, HTML offers marks and tags, helping to identify various headers, footers, tables and elements. This is where the basic interactive user experience begins to appear in any website design, so it’s important all of your files work in harmony with HTML. Sketch does not do this straight away, which is why you need a HTML conversion tool to re-purpose them into HTML files that are ready to go. This process is fairly easy, as we do all the hard work for you, but transforms your fantastic designs and projects into a more web-friendly language.

One of the key benefits of our service is the pixel quality that we ensure. As mentioned earlier, Sketch uses vector graphics, but this can cause problems when converting into HTML. Our process looks to acquire the highest pixel range possible, ensuring sharp imaging throughout.

Likewise, we also offer efficient HTML code. We try to simplify tags and markups where possible, ensuring the final script is light and easy to use. This keeps the file size low and ensures your HTML files can be readily uploaded and used.

So, ready to start? Get your Sketch files ready and prepare to receive HTML coding that can get your project online and read to use!

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